Review Lamb Of God - The Duke

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Artiest: Lamb Of God

Album: The Duke

Genre: Death metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Het Amerikaanse Lamb Of God kwam eind december 2016 met een nieuwe EP, namelijk ‘The Duke’. De EP is geïnspireerd door de fan Wayne Ford, wie gediagnoseerd was met leukemie in 2010 en vijf jaar later overleed op 33-jarige leeftijd.

"While I was in the studio I had asked Wayne if there was anything he wanted to say to the world, any particular words he wanted to be remembered by. My idea was to record him saying them over the phone and then layer them into the record, or perhaps I could take the words and work them into a song's lyrics. 'That's really cool. Let me think about it, man,' he said, but he never got back to me about it. I don't know if he hadn't made up his mind, or if he just didn't feel like it. Regardless, I wanted to honor him in some way. I wanted this level, collected man who had become my friend, all the while staring down his own death, to be remembered through the music of the band he loved. Seeing how calm he remained was (for lack of a better word) inspirational. Those of us who think about how we will die all hope that we will do so with dignity, but no one knows how they will handle death until it comes for them. Wayne provided me with a living example of how to leave this world with grace. So I decided to write the lyrics to 'The Duke' from my feeble understanding of his perspective, and in his honor", aldus de frontman van Lamb Of God.

Deze tracks zullen dan ook een perfecte aanvulling zijn voor de muzikale wereld en geschikt voor iedere jonge als oudere fan.


  1. The Duke
  2. Culling
  3. Still Echoes (live at Rock Am Ring)
  4. 512 (live at Bonnaroo)
  5. Engage The Fear Machine (live at Bonnaroo)

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