Circle II Circle @ Wacken

Circle II Circle is de volgende band die we mogen toevoegen aan de affiche van Wacken. Wacken is sinds gisteren uitverkocht.

Circle II Circle gaat een speciale show neerzetten op Wacken en neemt een extra guest mee, deze is niemand minder dan Chris Caffery.


More time for his family- that´s what ex-Savatage singer Zak Stevens actually wanted. Seems like it haven´t worked very well. Just one year after Zak´s leaving, he started his solo project Circle II Circle, in the beginning with the aid of his one-time Savatage bandmates Jon Olivia and Chris Caffery. In 2003 Circle II Circle released their debut “Watching in Silence and released 4 other great records in the last few years. At last the record “Consequence of Power” in 2012.
Circle II Circle will perform a special show at the W:O:A. Together with Chris Caffery they will play the whole Savatage album “Wake of Magellan” live!!!

Alle informatie over Wacken Open Air vindt u hier terug en op de officiële site hier.