Interview Terraformer

Terraformer is een post rock / post metal band uit Luik.

Ze brengen heel binnenkort hun eerste cd uit op Dunk! Records, de recensie van deze cd ‘The Sea Shaper’ kunt u reeds hier nalezen.

Terraformer speelt trouwens op Dunk! Festival op zondag 8 april, ter gelegenheid van dit concert dit interview.

If I listen to your album 'The Sea Shaper', the term 'post-metal' pops up in my head, do you agree with that term? Or do you think it's too limited?

Tricky question! We’re not comfortable with the band tags, it’s like a subject to troll about. Let’s say “we make instrumental music”. But we concede this is not really giving an idea of what we’re doing. The term “post rock” is more generic, so we’d rather use it. Admitting we’re a little bit heavier than bands like sigur ros or this will destroy you.

For the audience that doesn't know you, can you describe yourself in short?

We’re a three pieces instrumental band. We knew each other for a long time and three years ago we started this band. To describe what we’re playing, it’s something post rock oriented with some wilder parts. We released an EP in 2010 with the help of we told you to play fast and we’re about to release our first album on Dunk!records.

You are playing on Dunk! Festival on Sunday, what do you think about this festival?

Is there a word to describe this festival? We don’t think. The Dunk! Guys are joining their forces to gather a bunch of the best post-rock bands in the world. It’s like a dream for every post rock fan. People come from England, Italy and even eastern Europe to see that amazing festival. We can be very proud to have this amazing festival here in our little Belgium! In a few words: it's THE place to be on 6th/7th/8th april.

The headliner of Dunk is 65Daysofstatic, how does it feel to be next to them on stage?

It’s always nice to play with band like this. Playing with such a line up was unexpectable for us, we’re really happy to have this opportunity. Also, we’re pretty sure we’ll have our ass kicked by the following bands so we better play tight, it ‘s a little frightening.

What can we expect from you in the future?

We have some shows planned, and one with the famous Tera Melos, in our town, thanks to the amazing collective silenceless shows. We’ll tour in July with our good friends Ilydaen in eastern Europe to promote our album. Then, we will compose again!

Who are your favorite artists/bands?

We like a lot of different bands, some are common for us. You can easily find who they are: Russian Circles, Caspian, Kokomo, Shelter Red, Isis, Cult of Luna, Pelican, Keretta, and so on…

Are you doing any 'mainstream' festivals in Belgium (Pukkelpop, Dour)?

No, we don’t play and we don’t go to these festivals. No one asked us to join these festivals, we are probably too underground for that. But maybe one day, why not? If someone asks us, we will think about it, sure, because it’s a big opportunity for a band, even if we’re not in the mainstream stuff. About being there to see other bands? Well, no, it’s too expensive to see only two or three bands you want to see.

What do you think of the evolution in music, everyone seems to download everything but LP's (vinyl) are selling very good lately?

It’s great!!! We like an idea of a free culture, everyone could pay what he want to get some mp3’s on the web. And if he likes the band, he’s free to buy some merchandising at shows to support them. About LP’s success, we think that nothing can replace it. What is a cd compared to a vinyl and the pleasure to put it in a turntable, the pleasure to take it in the hands and watch the artwork, searching for details. Vinyl is beautiful and authentic, it’s a collector’s item.

If you could make a record with 'popular pop music' instead of what you doing now, would you do it? Why or why not?

No, the idea when we started this band was to struggle with our instruments and being messy by playing something we were not able to!

How long and where are you going on tour after Dunk! Festival?

We have few shows planned after the Dunk! fest and this summer we’ll go on tour for 9 days with Ilydaen. It’s almost booked: we still have two shows to find, if you have any plans that can help us with that, fell free to check our website. Thanks!