Blood Youth - Kavka

zondag, 26 maart, 2023

Event: Blood Youth - Kavka


Headliner: Blood Youth

Voorprogramma: Cane Hill - Diamond Construct


Prijs: vvk: 15,88 EUR

Locatie (zaal): Kavka

Adres: Oudaan 14 2000, Antwerpen

Meer info: deuren open: 19:00 

STILL DEATH co-headline tour with Blood Youth and Cane Hill, supported by Diamond Construct

Blood Youth (UK)
Blood Youth shine as one of UK Metal’s brightest talents. Blending bile with beauty, the quartet create an intense sonic experience that is unmistakably their own, effortlessly switching from pummelling, groovy riffs to soaring, melodic choruses, interwoven with a raw, lyrical depth that draws from personal experiences.

Cane Hill (US)
A hard-hitting metalcore unit based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Cane Hill’s punishing blend of post-hardcore and nu-metal draws from a deep well of divergent influences, from and to hip-hop and indie rock.

Diamond Construct (AU)
Their tenacity and work ethic quickly caught the ears of Greyscale Records, who heard something truly special in the band, mixing the best parts of metalcore and djent to create some of the heaviest riffs and break downs in the Australian music scene.