6 nieuwe namen voor Dunk!festival

Dunk!festival verrast ons in dit nieuwe jaar met zes nieuwe artiesten op de affiche.

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving, Ranges, Inverness, Klidas, Corecass en The Void Of Expansion, dat zijn de zes nieuwe artiesten op de affiche van Dunk!festival. De communicatie is als volgt:

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving are easily post-rock answer to the progressive rock movement for their sprawling piano-laden compositions featuring classical music undertones and drone musings have captured fans all over the world and earned the band a spot amongst the genre’s giants. The band’s latest album Oscillating Forest included thrilling jazz innuendos and doubled down on noise and doom to deliver a hour-long ecstatic journey into full sonic experimentation!
Ranges need no introduction, for their commanding sound precedes them. This Montana-based outfit is as close to a festival household name as it gets and we’re proud and honoured to once again have them on our stages. Ranges will once again bring their roaring climaxes and sweeping crescendos in a bombastic and unforgettable show.
Flying over all the way from Chile, Inverness will delight us with their poppish post-rock, a gentle and soothing blend of shoegaze and dream-pop completed with compelling and evocative vocals! And lovers of jazz will rejoice when Klidas  will unleash their infectious saxophone-driven post-rock-fusion arrangements at the festival in a pastel-coloured ad libitum show!

Whereas lovers of experimentation will find their match with Corecass' cinematic and immersive compositions and The Void Of Expansion's sprawling soundscapes bordering on full improvisation! The solo project by multi-instrumentalist Elinor Lüdde builds eerie and captivating narrations using church organs, harp, guitars, synths and layered vocals, in a project reminiscent of liturgical medieval music! While the duo made up of Belgian legend Dirk Serries and jazz drummer Tomas Järmyr will offer an agitated moment of introspection and mediative frenzy!

Dunk!Festival gaat in 2024 door van 9 tot en met 11 mei.

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