65daysofstatic en meer voor Dunk!festival

65daysofstatic is de eerste headliner van Dunk!festival 2016. Tevens heeft het festival een aantal andere bands bevestigd.


Announcing new names is always exciting! Especially if we can announce the first headliner.

So here is another load of awesome bands to join the #dnk16 line-up.

  • Sounds Like The End Of The World from Poland
  • Thank U For Smoking from Italy, Sardinia
  • I Am Waiting For You Last Summer from Russia
  • YODOK III from Belgium and Sweden
  • 65daysofstatic from UK

We’re happy to welcome these amazing bands at the festival and of course to have 65daysofstatic back.

They already proved to be a perfect match for dunk!festival in 2012.

Meer info over dit festival: