Akoestische sessies op Groezrock

Er zullen dit jaar opnieuw akoestische sessies op Groezrock zijn.

De bands die er zullen optreden: Mad Caddies, Much The Same, Not On Tour, Frank Turner, Tom Thacker, Four Year Strong, Daylight, Call If Off, The Morning Hour en Note To Amy.


Our friends at American Socks are hosting exclusive acoustic performances during the Festival.

Don't miss Frank Turner, Four Year Strong, Mad Caddies, ... at their booth playing your favorite tunes.

The singer of legendary Pop-Punk band GOB, Tom Thacker, will be performing acoustic at the American Socks booth during GROEZROCK2016.

He will take the 17:05 slot on Friday.

Write down the songs you want to sing to and we'll make sure those are on the Set List.

Who's coming?

Sadly Ducking Punches can't make it anymore.

You can find American Socks near the WATCH OUT STAGE.

Meer info over dit festival: