Annulaties Dour festival

Het Dour festival dat momenteel bezig is heeft nog af te rekenen met een paar annulaties.


PROGRAM CHANGE / FUCK BUTTONS : "We’re very sorry to announce that Fuck Buttons have had to cancel their live shows this weekend due to medical reasons. Ben Power sustained a serious back injury yesterday and is unable to travel as a result. The band is absolutely gutted about this but have no choice but to pull these shows pending further advice from Ben’s doctors. Andrew shall DJ at Dour Festival in the slot originally scheduled for Fuck Buttons between 23:40-00:50 on the Cannibal Stage/Marquee".

Julio Bashmore missed his train and will not be in Dour on time. New schedule for the Dance Hall: 1:15-2:45 Midland / 2:45-4:15 Shadow Child

Meer info over dit festival: