Eerste headliner Dunk!festival onthuld

De eerste headliner voor het Dunk!festival is vandaag onthuld.

YOB is de eerste headliner van Dunk!festival. De band speelt op vrijdag 22 mei. Geen idee over wie dit gaat? De organisatie verschaft uitleg:

After having achieved a legendary status due to their hard work - they once released four albums over the course of four years - and intense touring, American doom metal trio YOB will blast their sonic tsunamis on our stage for the first time! Forging solid, but raw riveting juggernauts, their music has a psychedelic twist to it that will get under your skin and take you on a heavy eclectic trip. Impossible to resist!

Dunk!Festival gaat in 2020 door van 21 tot en met 23 mei.

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