Eurorock loopt in de soep

Het Neerpeltse Eurorock festival is een fiasco aan het worden...

Op Facebook regent het momenteel klachten over mensen die het festival niet vinden of geen parkeerplaats vinden. Tevens hebben een deel bands hun komst geannuleerd zoals Front 242, Therion en Killing Joke. Zij zouden niet betaald worden en hierdoor hebben ze hun shows afgezegd.

Xandria, Legend, Whispers In The Shadow, Absolute Body Control en Anathema zouden wel nog optreden.

Hieronder staan enkele berichten van onze reporter ter plaatse:

- de organisator zou afgevoerd zijn met gezondheidsproblemen
- het financiële plaatje voor de bands is niet in orde
- de eerdere berichten van: combiticketten zijn uitverkocht blijken niet waar te zijn
- er zou 80.000 euro gestolen zijn
- ook Tanzwut zal nog spelen op het festival, het is verder rekenen op de goodwill van de bands zelf.

17u: update:

Officieel bericht:

Line-up has been changed, coming up next are Portion Control, Peter Hook, Absolute Body Control, Whispers In The Shadow, Legend and Tanzwut. More to be confirmed asap. We are running on volunteers now due to circumstances, but the show goes on!

19u: update:

- Fields of the Nephilim zal toch spelen
- Therion wordt de afsluitende headliner
- nu on Heaven stage: Absolute Body Control

19.30u: update:

Officieel bericht:

Forget the drama: KILLING JOKE and THERION will play 100% ! This is the Belgian Woodstock! FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM will be playing too !

Bericht 1 van Therion:

Christofer Johnsson,

All dressed up and no place to go... frown-emoticon

Just got in to my stage clothes and were looking forward to giving some hell on stage tonight. I was just about to put my hat on and go down to the hotel lobby when the tour manager knocks on the door and explains that basically no bands has been paid, so they won't play and the festival is pretty much canceled. We're 95% paid and would ha played anyway, but the backline (equipment) company was apparently not paid either, so they just took their stuff and left. That means we have no drums (we obviously can't bring our own drums when we fly, so it's a rented drum kit). I was asked if we could do an acoustic set instead and I said we could at least do a few songs in the set like that, no problem. But no one has any acoustic guitars for us, so exactly how they imagined that to happen is an interesting question...

They are still trying something. Maybe they can borrow drums from some band that was driving here and brought their own drum kit. So I'll just hang around in my fancy outfit and hope for the best. It would suck totally to have flown here for nothing, but the worst is of course fans that have paid tickets and traveled for the festival. So fingers crossed and let's hope for the drum fairy to show up with a drum kit. And if that happens, that there are still in ear monitors there for us. Then we could play after all.

Bericht 2 van Therion:

Christofer Johnsson,

Ok, now I got the message they say they have borrowed drums from someone. So let's see if the in ears monitors are left.
But it's nevertheless good news.

Quite typical that I first get the message that it's basically clear we won't play JUST when I finished dressing getting dressed up and then JUST AFTER I post about it, I get a message that someone was kind to lend the festival production their drums so they could offer it as replacement to the now missing rental kit.

21.30u: update:

Update 18/05

Op zijn blog schrijft perswoordvoerder Bernard Van Isacker zijn kant van het verhaal. U kan het artikel hier nalezen.

Meer info over dit festival: