Jera On Air 2022

donderdag, 23 juni, 2022 tot zaterdag, 25 juni, 2022

Jera On Air 2022

Donderdag 23 juni:

The Hives, Ska-P, Life of Agony, Suicidal Tendencies, Beachdog, Boysetsfire, Hang Youth, Bob Bylan, Malevolence, Nøfx, Year Of The Knife, One Step Closer

Vrijdag 24 juni:

The Offspring, Beartooth, While She Sleeps, Stick To Your Guns, Turnstile, Bury Tomorrow, Ignite, Of Mice & Men, Silverstein, Anti Flag, Being As An Ocean, Deez Nuts, No Turning Back, Lionheart, Nasty, Crossfaith, Belvedere, Tim Vantol, Higher Power, Jesus Piece, Loathe, Clowns, Blowfuse, Seeyouspacecowboy, Faintest Idea, Rotzak, Trash Boat, Canirepeed, New Pokerface, 50/50, Jungle Proof, Imminence, Invisions, Blood Youth

Zaterdag 25 juni:

Rise Against, Bad Religion, Bullet For My Valentine, Comeback Kid, Raised Fist, Knocked Loose, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Neck Deep, Terror, No Fun At All, Counterparts, Good Riddance, Get The Shot, Holding Absence, Incendiary, Cigar, Drain, Electric Callboy, Hot Milk, STAKE, Another Now, The Hell,, Mainline 10, Mayleaf, Mark Of Chaos, Oceans Ate Alaska, Against Time, Prize Dink Camp, Five Years Later, Smooth Lee, Sing Along Riot, No Permission, Tusky, Our Home Our Hollow, For I Am King


Tickets(aangekochte tickets van 2020 en 2021 blijven geldig, meer info over terugbetaling via Jera On Air)

  • Combit: 97,50 EUR
  • Donderdag: 30,00 EUR
  • Vrijdag: 70,00 EUR
  • Zaterdag 70,00 EUR

Locatie / AdresAgrobaan 15, 5813EB Ysselsteyn

Camping: aanwezig (20,00 EUR)

Tijdschema: t.b.a.


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