Nieuwe naam Groezrock secret-fest

Het Groezrock secret-fest dat doorgaat op 30 april heeft een nieuwe naam te pakken namelijk Timeshares.

De twee vorige bevestigingen waren Forus en We're Wolves


Hey there! Did everyone make it through the Easter weekend okay? We never quite managed to figure out what the resurrection of Jesus has to do with a giant bunny handing out chocolate eggs, but who cares? It’s chocolate, so we’re not complaining!

But you are here to find out more about this week’s name for GROEZROCK's Pre-Fest, right? Well, they are from the state of New York, have a new album coming out on Side One Dummy at the end of the month called “Already Dead”, they are pretty awesome and they are called Timeshares.

If you give them some of your time, they might just share some of those new songs. See what we did there? Pretty nifty huh!

Don’t forget to check back in next week for a new name!

Meer info over Groezrock secret-fest kan u hier terug vinden.

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