Nog meer namen voor Dunk!festival

Dunk!festival kondigde vandaag opnieuw een aantal nieuwe bands aan.

Het gaat deze keer om Maybeshewill, EF, A.A. Williams, Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-A Placut, Marc Euvrie, Jose Tomas Molina, Gavran en Lacustre. Een beschrijving van deze bands vind je hieronder:

Rejoice because we're bringing you some of the finest music from 2022 with this batch with the mighty Maybeshewill, indie-post-rock-orchestra Ef dramatique sonic-story-teller A.A. Williams, cheerful squad Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut,neoclassical & ambient connoisseur Marc Euvrie, "incidental" composer José Tomás Molina, impossibly heavy trio Gavran and the haunting drone of Lacustre joining the line-up!!

It was back in 2015 that Maybeshewill graced our stages with their irresistibly vibrant spirit. We thought it would be our last chance to see them live, so we’re overjoyed to bring them back for the 2023 edition. Using their newest material as a gauge, we have an electrifying experience to look forward to!! 8 years later, we're honoured and thrilled to welcome a piece of spot-rock history back to post-rock's finest festival.

Another long-anticipated return, EF played a very intimate show in 2018. Surprisingly intimate given they played on the big stage. But they quite literally bridged that distance by performing part of their show between the crowd. It was one of those incredible experiences that we're delighted to offer you, so here's to times two!

A.A. Williams' new album "As The Moon Rests" last year was pressed at #dunkpressing and the team was so impressed that we didn't miss the opportunity to invite them over! Their festival debut should be marked as essential viewing for anyone in attendance, for Williams' talent as a sonic storyteller is virtually unmatched in the scene!

Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-A Placut played the festival in 2019 and impressed many for their vitality and honest hearts.
Dunk!records released the band's La Vale last year to a very warm reception, so naturally we're glad to have them back! Their 2019 set is also available for streaming on the band's bandcamp!

Marc Euvrie of Karysun fame is bringing his newest solo project to this year's festival. He describes his music as a "when classical meets metal: a deep introspection" but in reality his music transcends genres' boundaries for a true glorious and exhilarating experience.

Jose Tomas Molina is a young Chilean composer, whose music cozily fits between ambient and neoclassical. He often describes it as "incidental" composition. Incidentally we happen to love it so much that we decided to bring José fr.

Dunk!Festival gaat in 2023 door van 18 tot en met 20 mei.

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