Verhuist Grüne Hölle Rock?

Grüne Hölle Rock heeft in een statement laten blijken dat ze mogelijks gaan verhuizen. De nieuwe locatie zou de voetbal arena van Schalke worden. Het festival heeft wel laten weten dat het zeker zal plaatsvinden. Tegen Pasen zal er een definitief statement volgen.

Grüne Hölle Rock,

Dear fans,

first things first: Grüne Hölle Festival will take place for sure!

Some of you may have already followed the recent discussion in the media about the festival moving to a different location. Today, we paid the last artist fee for the bands that will perform at Grüne Hölle – the festival will definitely take place. Though, the festival is very likely to move to the “Arena auf Schalke”, which is about 200 km from the Nürburgring, where camping will also be possible. This is an option we are currently looking into. We will definitely let you know before Easter what the final decision on this will be.

We already sold a total of 60,000 tickets for the sister festivals Rock in Vienna and Rockavaria with the same line-up as Grüne Hölle and we’re confident that our festival will also be a success!

In case the festival will move to Schalke-Arena, you will have the following options: use your ticket to rock with us at the new location, swap your ticket – without any extra fee – for a ticket to Rockavaria in Munich or Rock in Vienna, or you can demand a refund for the ticket you bought (at the same ticket office where you bought the ticket).

We hope you understand that we might not be able to answer all your questions right now. However, we will get back to you as soon as we have some new information for you – before Easter the very latest.

Thanks for understanding,

your Grüne Hölle team