Vervangingen Miner Fest

Het Genkse festival Miner Fest kreeg gisteren af te rekenen met drie annulaties. Twee bands zijn ondertussen vervangen en ze hebben tevens hun surprise act bekendgemaakt.

Miner Fest,

Palm Reader and Polar . will be @ MIner Fest to replace two of our cancellations. Polar could only play on Sunday so therefore Homer will move from Sunday to Friday. We're still working hard to find a third replacement. Let's hope we don't get anymore bands that cancel their show.

A few days ago we promised you a surprise act to close down the Miner Fest Saturday. Because of all the bad weather, cancellations and a lot of other stuff to handle, we weren't able to give this band the announcement they deserve but the time has come to make up for this.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear Miners,

we'd like to present you one of Belgium's, if not Europe's, finest '90's Nu-Metal tribute bands: Bizkit Park

Check out VJ Niko from JIMtv on vocals and a bunch of other crazy, ugly ass guys jumping around in training suits like if they were 17 all over again. Come hang out, sing along to tunes from Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down and other Rage Against The Machines and party like you're 17 all over again.

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