Zomerfestivals slaan samen handen in elkaar tegen terreur

De Belgische zomerfestivals slaan de handen in elkaar in de strijd tegen terreur. Dit nieuws laten Graspop Metal Meeting, Rock Werchter, TW Classic, Tomorrowland, Dour en Pukkelpop weten.

De zomerfestivals,

Still, the reality is that our world has changed recently. As a society, we must learn to deal with the threat of terrorist attack. These last few weeks and months, a series of intensive consultations have taken place with local and federal police, local governments and the Ministry of Home Affairs in preparation of the approaching festival summer. Existing plans are being updated, additional measures are in the pipeline.

The festivals themselves have also taken action. Graspop Metal Meeting, Rock Werchter, TW Classic, Dour Festival, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop are working on collective measures based on their consultations with the authorities. Clear directives will be established on what to allow or disallow at the various festivals. The aim is to allow backpacks and bags but only following thorough inspection.

In the next few days and weeks, each of the festivals will inform its festivalgoers, staff and other interested parties of the directives and guidelines that must be observed. They will do everything in their power to make sure the additional checks run as smoothly as possible. The organisers would like to thank the fans in advance for their understanding, their willing cooperation, the extra effort they are asked to make and also for their continued vigilance.

Festivals are a celebration. This and every summer.

Kind regards

Peter Van Geel for Graspop Metal Meeting, Herman Schueremans for Rock Werchter and TW Classic, Damien Dufrasne for Dour Festival, Manu and Michiel Beers for Tomorrowland and Chokri Mahassine for Pukkelpop

Important remark: For safety reasons we are not at liberty to communicate in detail on existing or additional safety procedures. For the same reason we cannot announce all the measures taken by the festivals and the competent authorities in this regard.