Interview Ethernity: Julie Colin

Artiest: Ethernity

Geïnterviewde: Julie Colin (zangeres)

Interview afgenomen via: e-mail

Label: eigen beheer

Nadat de Belgische band Ethernity een nieuw studio-album heeft opgenomen en heeft uitgebracht onder de naam 'Obscure Illusions', was dit het perfecte moment om hen even te spreken. Zangeres Julie Colin stond ons te woord.

Hi! I’m Tim from Festivalblog. I have some questions for you, would you like to answer them?

Hi Tim! I’m Julie, I’m Ethernity’s singer and it’s a real pleasure to answer your questions. Thanks a lot for your interest in our band!

Let’s get straight to business, the new album ‘Obscure Illusions’ is a pearl! How did you achieve this out of nothing?

Above all, it’s a matter of motivation! As we hadn’t got many means, we had to learn everything by ourselves. So, we could manage to record the album and do the marketing. In fact, we’re a self-made band!

How did the recording process of the album go?

It all happened in our own home studio. It took us a lot of time because there were 12 songs to record and each musician had to record his own tracks separately. As everybody has a job, we only had the weekends to do it. Afterwards we sent the material to Simone Mularoni (Domination Studios/DGM) in Italy for the mixing and mastering.

How do you compare the new tracks to earlier demos and EP songs?

Our early influences came from power metal as for example Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and so on… Now, our music is darker and more progressive. Most of the time, the lyrics are sad too!

Your band name is pretty unique. How did you come up with the idea to put an ‘h’ in the word Eternity as a band name?

Our name is a fusion between "ether", which means the sky and "eternity", so it includes both a space dimension and a time dimension. It could be understood by the fact that for us music has no end…

There are plenty of female fronted symphonic metal bands. How do you think you differentiate yourself from others?

Ok, there’s a symphonic touch in our songs but first of all we’re a progressive power metal band. I’ve always been influenced by vocalists with a 'hoarse voice' like Russel Allen, Jorn Lande and Tom Englund! I’m not an operatic kind of singer, I prefer a rock way of singing which gives me more the opportunity to express my feelings.

What do you think about other female fronted bands?

You know, being a male or a female fronted band is not a music style. A band shouldn’t be labeled that way. Male or female, we’re all singers! There are people who write and play music and other people who listen to it. There is a communion between them or not. Being a female fronted band doesn’t mean anything! For example, Arch Enemy, Nightwish and Halestorm are all female fronted bands but don’t sound like one another.

Where do you get your influence from?

We’re not only influenced by metal. When one listens to our music, he can find different styles such as classical, symphonic, electronic, melodic and even sometimes a little gospel touch in the choruses of our ballads. So, our influences come from everywhere! Greg, our lead guitarist, likes more aggressive stuff and this brings a heavy side of our compositions.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We get our inspiration from our life experiences and from what we feel at the time we write a song. It can come from a state of mind or from a movie we’ve just watched. Julien (keyboards) is our main composer and you know, he lives on his own planet! ;-) 

How do you spend your time in the daily life next to Ethernity?

Like everyone, I guess! I get up early in the morning, take my car to go to my job, and prepare the evening meal every day. Nicolas (drums) and I are married and we have a whole lot of projects which have nothing to do with music. This is true for the other members of the band. Now, I must admit that the greatest part of our free time is devoted to Ethernity.

How does the (near) future look for the band, what are upcoming plans?

We’re still busy with the promotion of our album. We’d like to go often on stage to share our songs with as many people as possible and we’re already writing and rehearsing the tracks of our next album, so stay tuned: we’re pregnant, we’ll have another baby one day!!!