Interview Six Foot Ditch

Artiest: Six Foot Ditch

Geïnterviewden: Zanger Peachey en Gitarist Sparky

Interview afgenomen op: Groezrock 2013. 

Label: Rucktion Records / Filled With Hate Records / Good Life Recordings

De hardcoreband Six Foot Ditch stond vandaag voor de eerste keer op Groezrock 2013. Deze band is momenteel in de running om een zeer populaire band te worden. We hadden de eer om de zanger Peachey en de gitarist Sparky te mogen interviewen op Groezrock 2013.

First of all, thank you for having this interview with Festivalblog.

Peachey: No thanks.

Well, how was the show today?

Sparky: Yeah, it was cool. It was nuts! Lots of stagediving and crowdsurfing. Yeah, it was fun!

I’m sorry that I didn’t saw the show today, because I had to do some interviews. The last show that I saw from Six Foot Ditch was last October in Stein. A little venue in the Netherlands.

Sparky: Where?

I was there with some metalguy, with the red hair in the middle. You, Peachey, had a comment on him.

Peachey: OH YEAAAH! Were you with him?

Sparky: (laughs)

Peachey: He was the fastest guy in that hole joint. We remember him! (laughs)

Sparky: He was cool!

What’s the fascination with our countries? Do you like coming to Belgium and The Netherlands, Because I see your Facebook with many written lines about Ieperfest or Groezrock? What’s the thing that you love around here?

Peachey: Well, we began like a long time ago. 13 years now and we always played in England like years and years. So now it’s kinda like Europe and they seemed to be pretty shocked; what I was saying?

Sparky: (laughs)

Peachey: The shows used to be like much better. Two guys in the band are from France, I live in Sweden and he is the only guy living in England, so it’s easy to play in Europe.

What’s the most attractive thing from Belgium for Six Foot Ditch? Is it the festivals or the people, the music, the food?

Peachey: Yeah, the fact that we play here. You said it yourself when you saw us playing in Stein last year. We like playing in small venues and big venues, because we never play much anymore. We live all far away from each other and have kids and stuff. So it’s good to play for a big festival like this and where lots of people can see us. It’s really hard because it costs a lot of money to play one show, so we need to have tours to do a show like Groezrock. So for the people out there, come and check us out.

What’s the first thing that you do when you are on tour?

Peachey: Stay alone. (laughs)

Peachey: We haven’t seen each other for like months, I mean, I didn’t see him since that tour last year, that what you saw, and I live in Sweden so... (laughs).

Sparky: And we don’t have longer band practice as well.

Do you have nerves when you come on stage?

Peachey: No, I don’t ever have nerves. Do you have nerves?

Sparky: Naahh. Not on small venues, maybe on bigger shows like these.

Peachey: It’s kinda strange because he got married and I was one of his best men. And when I had to do the speech, with things like that I am so nervous, but with the band there’s nothing at all.

What were your best memories of the shows you did in Belgium or The Netherlands? I know that you did a show on Vlamrock in As in 2007, I think.

Peachey: Yeah, it was 2007.

Well, that was the first time that I saw Six Foot Ditch. I was very impressed.

Sparky: I remember that show. That was cool!

Peachey: Yeah, me too. We really loved that show, Because it was like you had a mixture of bands.

Sparky: You get downstairs and you had a basement where there was a black man playing.

Peachey: Yeah, we played there. It was really a great experience. But maybe that Ieperfest will be the best show that we played in Belgium and that was also in 2007.

Sparky: Yeah, I think that it was that year.

Peachey: In 2007 everybody would get absolutely crazy. I mean that was the second best show. The best show was today! (laughs)

Is this the biggest show that your ever did?

Peachey: Yeah!

Were there many people there?

Peachey: Yeah! Quite a few. That I didn’t expect.

Six Foot Ditch have many quotes of horrormovies in the music. Where comes this fascination from?

Peachey: Well, me and him we always watched horrormovies since we were little kids and that’s how it started.

Sparky: We just love horrormovies!

Peachey: We watch many things about serial killers and that sort of things.

Sparky: A lot of our samples have a reference to our lyrics as well. So there isn’t a meaning behind it. We just stuck it in the music! (laughs)

Is that why you called the music ‘murdercore’?

Peachey: We didn’t. Somebody just called us that! It sounded kinda cool so we used it. But our music is just hardcore. Many people say we are beatdown, but we are not. We just mix everything. When we began, there weren’t many beatdownbands.

Sparky: Especially in England when we started out, there was nothing. There were just punk and skabands.

Peachey: Yeah, indeed! When we first started out, we played several show with punk and skabands. The band was new metal like Korn and stuff like that. So it was like five years later that we started to play hardcore. So when we started the band, there was no hardcorescene where we lived. We used to go all the way to London too see bands and then we started our own band way back in 2000, no in 1998. In 2000 Six Foot Ditch came to stand.

That’s a long time, he!?

Sparky and Peachey: Yeah!!

Well, something different. If you had to do a split-album with one band, with which band would you like to do this?

Sparky and Peachey: FURY OF FIVE!

Yeah? And why?

Peachey: Because we love them! (laughs)

Peachey: Too bad they split up, but yeah, it is our favorite band. But if it would be a band that is still doing it now, then it would be...

Sparky: Guns ‘n Roses. (laughs)

Peachey: Yeah, we love that rockband!

Describe Six Foot Ditch in 3 words.

Peachey: Six Foot Ditch (laughter)

Peachey: Load of shit.

Sparky: What was the question?

Peachey: Describe Six Foot Ditch in 3 words.

Sparky: Uhm (thinking) I don’t know? In your face? (laughs) I don’t know.

Peachey: How would you do describe us?

Very fucking crazy.


Ok, next thing. Are there any bands that inspire you in your music or lyrics?

Peachey: Yeah. When we started we sounded like them just for a little bit, it was like Hatebreed, Emmure and such bands, but for the lyrics it’s like I’m just watching horrorfilms and I read and see about it. That’s hardcore for us, we are not like a unity or something like that. All the songs that we sing and play about are about real people, about serial killers.

This is maybe a personal question, but you have many tattoos all over your body. What’s the most meaningful tattoo that you have and where does it stands for?

Peachey: Meaningful? (laughs)

Peachey: I have Sparky’s name on my tie. (laughs)

Sparky: (laughs) I don’t know.

Peachey: Maybe I got a S.F.D. tattoo on my wrist. That’s my first Six Foot Ditch tattoo.

Sparky: Mine would be a tattoo the S.F.D.-sign down in my shoe, so yeah!

Are you coming to Belgium once again?

Peachey: Hopefully maybe like around September – October and we're gonna do another tour and we're gonna play in that venue again where you were then.

I will be there!

Peachey: Everyone said like, don’t play there but the show was amazing! And the people that said they would go, they said the same! It was a really good show.

What’s the strangest thing that happened to you and the band when you were on tour?

Sparky: The strangest thing?

Peachey: Seeing Sparky showering naked, that was really the strangest thing.

Sparky: And he didn’t even tell me. My girlfriend told me!

Peachey: Your wife.

Sparky: Right, right, right!

Can we expect other things from Six Foot Ditch in 2013 or 2014?

Peachey: Yeah. There comes a CD with re-recorded songs from Fury Of Five and other bands as well. We writed also three new songs the other night. So there’s probably coming a new CD as well. 

Thank you for having this interview with Festivalblog.

Sparky and Peachey: No, thank you!