Decapitated toont videoclip van nieuw uitgekomen album

Finally, the waiting comes to an end: Today, on June 4th, the Polish tech death metal virtuosos Decapitated release their early demos in a carefully handpicked collection called "The First Damned".

Vogg states: "Here we go! 'The First Damned' - our first steps that we did as teenagers. I'm proud of this release in all this formats and amazing layouts together with the best metal label these days, Nuclear Blast Records. Check it out: No re-mastering, no-remixes, no bullshit. Raw and deadly as it was back then. Enjoy." Evoking the spirits of wild times, the band releases a video for the song "Cemeteral Gardens" featuring some old video content from the early days of Decapitated.

"The First Damned" is physically available as digipak, black LP, white/black splatter LP [band exclusive], cassette [band exclusive] and white/black marbled LP [mailorder + wholesale exclusive]. Order your copy now: