Destruction releaset live videosingle voor het zinderende Reject Emotions

Je overstap naar Napalm Records vergulden door er als eerste release meteen een livealbum/dvd/BluRay uit te brengen. Van vadsigheid kunnen we de Duitsers van Destruction allerminst beschuldigen. Live Attack! verschijnt op 5 augustus. Als tweede videosingle wordt daaruit Reject Emotions naar voor geschoven. De livebeelden worden vermengd met die van een televisie optreden uit de jaren 80. De ridicule kapsels zijn gelukkig verdwenen. De stevige gitaren zijn gelukkig gebleven.

Bekijk hier de video.

Live Attack is de registratie van een bijna twee uur durende livestream die de band in januari 2021 uitzond. Daarin lag de nadruk op hun jongste album Born to Perish maar ook op fan favorites van de band.

SCHMIER states: “The die-hards voted for ‘Reject Emotions’ to be on the setlist at this special show on our social media pages. We did not perform this fan favorite in its full length since the 80s, cause it was written for two guitars. Most fans know, it is actually the first song we ever wrote as a four-piece. This is why we chose this as a single now for our BluRay release. It is a very rare live track, finally played again with the power of two axes, the way it was meant to be! A cult song that always had a special place in our metal-hearts! The flashback shots from the 80s in honor of the old line up build a bridge to our history and will hopefully bring back some joy and good memories for many supporters!”

DESTRUCTION on their first release with Napalm Records: “This show at our fave club, the Z7 in Switzerland, was a really special one in the middle of this dreadful pandemic! When we recorded it as a live stream on the 1st of January, it gave us hope back and connected us with the fans worldwide! Many supporters demanded to release it in physical form, so we had to make it happen. The setlist reflects four decades of DESTRUCTION with an almost two hour best-of setlist, which includes some really rare live tracks! It was for sure a night to remember… we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!"