Fireforce zanger verlaat de band

Zanger Filip Lemmens verlaat zijn band Fireforce.

Onderstaand persbericht van Fireforce zanger Filip Lemmens werd gepubliceerd:

10 Years after I started Fireforce with my friend Erwin I have decided
to call it a day. The decision, as co-founder, is obviously an
incredibly difficult one, given that the band has been such a huge part
of my life until now. It has been a rare and absolutely wonderful time
that I feel very lucky to have shared!

Through the success and further ambitions of Fireforce I have decided,
for my own reasons and in my own ways, that it is time to leave this
orbit at the end of 2018.

I’m a caretaker to something precious (the medical condition of my wife
and how this effects my family) and don't want to have it diminish as we
move forward in our lives. I’m very relieved to be able to go out on my
own terms, at my vocal peak and off the back of the biggest shows that
I’ve ever done.

Thank you all for your energy and for helping me make what I am. I
consider myself remarkably fortunate to have lived out the
FIREFORCE-dream. Love to anyone who has ever stood by me or cared and
contributed in whatever capacity it may have been. I have always valued
it immeasurably, tried to honour it the best I could and can only say
thank you to you all very deeply.

Though there are no concrete plans at this stage, I surly hope there
will be some farewell celebration shows announced in 2018. I wish the
band all the best for the future and thank them once again for the
countless good times that I will never forget.