Nieuw album Dark Sarah op komst

Het Finse Dark Sarah gaat binnenkort een nieuw album uitbrengen getiteld Grim. Dat doen zij bij hun nieuw platenlabel Napalm Records.

Dark Sarah's Grim komt uit op 17 juli. Ze tekenden een contract bij Napalm Records daarvoor. Al acht jaar is de band bezig en doorheen die carrière hebben ze drie studioalbums uitgebracht. Tijd voor nummer vier!

Zangeres Heidi Parviainen (ex-Amberian Dawn) is er heel enthousiast over: "We are very happy and excited to start a new era in our band´s history and to start collaborating with Napalm Records, one of the biggest metal labels in the world! After working as an independent band for many years, we have got a good view on that path - both in good and bad. This is a new opportunity for us, which we´ll welcome with open arms!"

En over het album zegt ze het volgende: "Our new album called Grim is a concept album like its predecessors, but Grim will start a new story line with a modern horror fantasy theme. Musically, Grim introduces a more modern sound and a taste of what's to come in the future - with a "DARK SARAH twist", of course. We´re very happy about this album and it has been really fun to make. Also creating the new visual brand and the Grim world has been an adventure already!"

dark sarah grim album cover art