Spotlight: Ice Sealed Eyes (BE)

Ice Sealed Eyes is een new core band  die afkomstig is uit de Belgische scene en opgericht in 2019. Hun muziek combineert, in een donkere soundscape, moderne productie met strakke riffs, vernieuwende breakdowns en cleane zang die uit het niets omslaan in diepe grunts of high pitched screams. 

Ice Sealed Eyes brengt een mix van metalcore, ambient en progressive dat zich vormt met de nodige duistere atmosfeer in new core. Deze heren hebben een rockrally gewonnen waardoor ze begin deze maand als opener hebben gespeeld op het Durbuy Rock Festival. Verder hebben ze ook het podium gedeeld met Suasion, Brutus, Amenra en Black Mirrors. Vandaag is ook hun nieuwe EP 'Vol 1 Torments' uitgekomen. Dit is de eerste van in totaal 3 delen die uitkomen met telkens 3 maanden tussen (herfst en winter).

Bekijk de nieuwe videoclip Fracture op YouTube:



Naar aanleiding van hun nieuwe release vertellen ze hoe ze zich voelen bij de nieuwe EP 'Vol 1 Torments':


Cyril: "Cyril, backbreaking guitarist. The process of creating this EP [Vol.1: Torments] started a year ago from now. In addition to the huge work done to improve every aspect of the band (eg: communication, concept, production, sound, image, etc.),of which we can all be proud, it feels great to release these songs which contain so much drive and emotions crossed along the tough time this year as been. Another nice thing with this release is to be able to play the songs live. Saying that it’s the part of our set that makes me go mad is an understatement. It’s the perfect opportunity to unleash held in emotions."


Matthias: "Hi, Matthias here, guitarbreaking guitarist and taking care of some of the production. It’s been really thrilling to create this dark, raw and uncompromised soundscape for the EP. We spent a lot of attention to create a unique space. Taking the listener through this darker side felt liberating when it came to writing guitar parts. Merged with the challenge of having an overarching theme, hiding motifs and having recurring melodies, I feel like it helped us cross a lot of boundaries we had previously set ourselves. As the boys already said, playing the latest songs live is when I feel the most like myself, expressing heavy feelings and hoping we take the public with us. I really hope you stick with us as this is only the opening chapter."


Noé: "Hi, it’s Noé, I’m the lead vocalist for Ice Sealed Eyes. Torments is the start of something new for us, it’s the first time we tell stories. Every song is related to each other and the whole EP is a tale. It is part of a universe we will expand further on upcoming releases. Imagining and crafting this universe is something I never experienced before and it is really captivating. The idea of leaving the « reality » really helped us to move forward and opened our minds. It really feels like we could take any direction if we want to and that’s a major driving force."


Vincent: "Hey there, it's Vincent, I'm the bassist for Ice Sealed Eyes.
We just released our 2nd EP and I'm so proud for it to finally see the day. We've worked really hard to build our identity and define what Ice Sealed Eyes really is. We also aimed at developing our own sound further with the help of Matthieu Leclercq, our sound engineer. I hope you'll like the experience!"


Virgile: "Hey I'm Virgile, drummer for ISE. With this new EP - "Vol.1: Torments" we wanted to create and affirm our universe, after our previous releases, we took the time to think about the image, the concept, the sound, etc... Regarding drums, it felt great to record this EP in studio! It allowed me to have a personal approach over the songs. I like to add lots of cymbals accents in my drumming, as you can hear in "Torments" and in the EP in general.
Also, playing "Vol.1" live with the boys is an insane moment everytime, it releases emotions we hide in "day light”."



How do you characterize the band’s sound and distinguish yourself from other metal bands?

Ice Sealed Eyes: "Newcore is a term we use to describe our music, which blends elements of metalcore with dark and thall sounds, influenced by bands like Vildhjarta, Loathe, and Void of Vision. We've always been drawn to the intensity and aggression of metalcore, but we wanted to incorporate darker and more atmospheric elements into our music. One aspect that really defines us is Noe's incredible vocal range. He has the ability to seamlessly transition between beautiful, clean vocals and heavier, more aggressive parts. This contrast between melodic and intense elements adds depth and dynamics to our songs, and it's something we take great pride in. In essence, Ice Sealed Eyes is about pushing boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories of heavy music. We strive to create a captivating atmosphere with our tormented sounds, and we hope that our music resonates with listeners who appreciate a balance between beauty and intensity."

If you had the choice to choose any band to go on tour with, who would that be? 

Ice Sealed Eyes: "here are several bands we admire and would be honored to tour with. First and foremost, sharing the stage with our major influences like Bad Omens, Northlane, Thornhill, and Sleep Token would be a dream come true. These bands have had a significant impact on our music and being able to perform alongside them would be an incredible experience. Additionally, we're really excited about connecting with the vibrant European scene. There are some fantastic bands that we would love to tour with, such as Allt, Monuments, Aviana, Ten56., and Ashen, to name just a few. The European metal and alternative music scene has a rich history and a passionate fanbase, and we're eager to explore and connect with that community. Touring is not only an opportunity to showcase our music, but it's also a chance to build connections and create memorable experiences for both ourselves and our fans. So, we're really looking forward to the possibility of sharing the stage with both our musical inspirations and emerging talents, as it would allow us to expand our reach and create unforgettable performances together."

What are the wildest things you’ve experienced at a show? 

Ice Sealed Eyes: "Where do we even begin? Being on stage is an adrenaline rush in itself, and we've definitely had our fair share of wild moments. First off, the sheer energy and intensity of our performances often result in broken strings and drumsticks flying everywhere during the breakdowns. It's a testament to the raw power and passion we pour into our music. However, if we had to pick one standout experience, it would have to be a recent show at Botanique, where we had the opportunity to open for Hypno5e. The crowd that night was incredibly receptive and engaged, which fueled our performance even more. There's something truly special about those unexpected moments that occur during live shows. It could be a particularly rowdy mosh pit, or even a spontaneous interaction with a fan. These experiences create lasting memories and remind us why we do what we do - and it's them that make our live shows wild and unforgettable."



ICE SEALED EYES Vol.1: Torments reviews

Ep "Vol 1: Torments" tracklist:

2. Torments
3. There Is No Safety In The Dark
4. Distance
5. Fracture


Solitude by Ice Sealed Eyes | Album on Amazon Music

Album "Solitude" tracklist:

1. Cage
2. Then, The Rain
3. The Shore
4. Dive With The Moon...
5. Facing The Sun
6. Solitude
7. Nightsky
8. Cage - Acoustic feat. Sam Mansart

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Ice Sealed Eyes is:

Vincent - Bas
Virgile - Drums
Noé - Vocals
Matthias - Gitarist
Cyril- Gitarist