Tourbus The Ghost Inside gecrasht

De tourbus van The Ghost Inside is afgelopen donderdag zwaar gecrasht. De bus kwam in aanraking met een ander voertuig, helaas overleefden beide chauffeurs het ongeluk niet. De bandleden en enkele crewleden raakten ook zwaar gewond. Ondertussen heeft de band een crowdfunding opgericht om de medische kosten en de begrafeniskosten te dekken..

The Ghost Inside,

Thanks to everyone who reached out with concern today. The Ghost Inside was involved in a serious bus accident outside El Paso, TX this morning. All 5 band members + all members of the crew are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts as well as their bus driver and those in the other vehicle who did not make it. Unfortunately, all US shows on the Locals Only Tour are cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase. We will update you more when we can.

Jim Riley,

I am really struggling to find words today for what the last 24 hours have brought. First and foremost I would like to send my condolences to the families of the two drivers that lost their lives in the accident yesterday. I hope that their loss is not forgotten in all this tragedy. Secondly I have to say that the amount of actual assistance being provided to all of us is nothing short of overwhelming. Far beyond thoughts and prayers but actual tangible help that will go a long way in what is sure to be a lengthy recovery. At this moment everyone has family with them and they are being treated by incredible medical staff here in El Paso. I know everyone is anxious for information. It will come when it's appropriate. For now know that everyone's condition is stable or better and the love you are raining down during this unthinkable time is felt by the ones that need it most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. TGI forever.