Voivoid kondigt live album aan

Het Canadese Voivod kondigt een nieuw live album aan: Lost Machine - Live.

Het is al een hele tijd geleden dat de band een live album heeft uitgebracht. Lost Machine - Live is opgenomen in Quebec tijdens de wereldtournee van hun album The Wake. Het live album komt uit op 27 november bij platenlabel Century Media Records. Bekijk alvast de live video van The Lost Machine.

De tracklist:

1. Post Society
2. Psychic Vacuum
3. Obsolete Beings
4. The Prow
5. Iconspiracy
6. Into My Hypercube
7. The End Of Dormancy
8. Overreaction
9. Always Moving
10. Fall
11. The Lost Machine
12. Astronomy Domine
13. Voivod

De band zegt: “Here it is at last, the first single and video from our upcoming release ‘Lost Machine - Live’. The footage used in this clip comes from a hometown show in Montreal in the summer of 2019, and the audio is from a show in Québec City 2 weeks later, where we recorded the entire live album. We were obviously excited to play in our province of Québec, in front of families and friends, as documented in this rendition of the song ‘The Lost Machine’. The video is directed by Felipe Belalcazar, who is also working on a VOIVOD documentary. I did the art on the road across the globe last year, and it was animated by Jaan Silmberg. More to come soon, enjoy!"