Per Wiberg gaat solo

De Zweedse muzikant Per Wiberg - bekend van onder meer Opeth en Candlemass - brengt een soloplaat uit.

Benieuwd naar hoe de multi-instrumentalist het er op zichzelf vanaf brengt? Beluister dan hier de single Get Your Boots On.

Wiberg over diens soloproject:

"I've always been, and in many respects still am a band kind of guy, so this solo venture has been a long time coming. It's scary to not have a bunch of friends to rely on and bounce ideas off, but it's been very healthy to step out of that comfort zone. I think it reflects a lot on the music and it's definitely an album I needed to make. Time for a different kind of heavy."

Het debuutalbum van Per Wiberg - 'Head Without Eyes' - verschijnt op 10 mei via Despotz Records.