Witherfall heeft nieuw album klaar

Witherfall onthult Curse Of Autumn, hun nieuw album. Beluister alvast The Last Scar.

Het nieuwe Witherfall album Curse Of Autumn komt, ironisch genoeg, in maart 2021 uit. De coverart is hier te zien, opnieuw gemaakt door Kristian Wåhlin. Beluister alvast The Last Scar.

Witherfall: "This is a nice a happy one… heavily inspired by an evening on tour in the Czech Republic. Quite possibly one of the most aggressive WITHERFALL songs and certainly a test of stamina for instrumentalists and voices. During the recording Our producer Jon Schaffer really put us to the test on getting these final takes. Both Witherfall and our team at Century Media felt this song would be the perfect way to introduce our latest offspring ‘Curse of Autumn’. Like any other WITHERFALL record this one is quite the storm. This is but the first gust of wind…"

witherfall curse of autumn album coverart