Zanger Saille stapt uit band

We hoorden het eergisteren op Antwerp Metal Fest goed: zanger Dennie Grondelaers gaat er bij Saille mee ophouden.

De Belgische blackmetalband Saille gaat verder met een nieuwe zanger. Eergisteren speelde de band op Antwerp Metal Fest en daar verkondigde Dennie dat hij geen zanger meer zal zijn bij Saille en dat dat zijn laatste optreden met de band was. Een vervanger is al gevonden, het duurt niet lang meer eer deze persoon wordt bekendgemaakt. Dit is wat Dennie nog te zeggen had na zes jaar bij Saille:

"Dear friends,
After a long while of being unhappy with a lot of things related to Saille, I've made the decision to quit the band. This is one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life, and something I will probably regret on several occasions in the future, but it's the right choice, both for the band and me. Saille will go on, they'll replace me with someone who shares their vision more than me and they'll get stronger out of all of this. I will continue to make music though. Right now I'm not sure what it'll be, but you can't drive out the Devil. That being said, thank you so much for the insane 6 years. To those who supported me, gave me a place to sleep and fed me, those who were able to keep up with my shit and especially to Saille: my love to you all and see you on the road again sooner or later.

Update: de opvolger is bekendgemaakt: Xavier De Schuyter.

"Extremely proud to introduce to you the new frontman of Saille, going by the name of Xavier De Schuyter.
During his many years of experience he built up a truly massive voice and he definitely knows how to perform screams and deep grunts. On top of that, Xavier will also bring back the occasional powerful clean vocals we lost when Jonathan left the band. He is an awesome person and his musical and instrumental knowledge will add to the compositions. His first gig will be next week, on the 21st of July,in Czech Republic."