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Prisao + Haemers + Kovaa Rasvaa + Kritiek - Antwerp Music City

woensdag, 1 mei, 2024

Event: Mendville Presents: Prisao(SE) + Haemers(BE) + Kovaa Rasvaa(FIN) + Kritiek(BE) - Antwerp Music City


Headliner: Prisao

Voorprogramma: Haemers + Kovaa Rasvaa + Kritiek


Prijs: vvk: 14,00 EUR (+ 1,34 EUR fee)

Locatie (zaal): Antwerp Music City

Adres: Handelstraat 29 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

MENDVILLE presents:

Mean Stockholm HC/punk sung in brazilian-portuguese.
Prisao will come at you with a stomping, bruising caveman attack. Not that it’s dumb… the riffs and beats are smart but straightforward, the band dragging their knuckles as they march toward their muse. It’s burly and mean, but not tough-guy shit… music made for purging the grinding monotony of the straight world. With members of Vidro and Axe Rash.

Pompkinders & ragmongolen.

Fast raw thrashy hardcore punk from Finland that is uncomplicated, unfettered and completely unpretentious.

New, fed up, fast-paced chain punkband.
Demo out soon. Come early!


Frail Body + KNOLL + Lintworm - Antwerp Music City

woensdag, 17 april, 2024

Event: Mendville presents: Frail Body(US) + KNOLL(US)+ Lintworm(BE) - Antwerp Music City


Headliners: Frail Body + KNOLL

Voorprogramma: Lintworm


Prijs: vvk: 14,00 EUR  excl. fee/ Kassa: 14,00EUR

Locatie (zaal): Antwerp Music City

Adres: Handelstraat 29 Antwerp

Meer info: 

MENDVILLE presents

Hailing from Illinois, the trio have already hit the road with the likes of Converge, KEN Mode, and Loma Prieta back home. Frail Body play a discordant, angular take on screamo, shot through with melody and a lightness of touch that makes their tortured missives emotive and captivating. Even in moments where the lyrics can’t quite be deciphered, the force of raw emotion is palpable. Their blend of unhinged hardcore and the reprieve of more gentle passages has had us hooked over the course of a handful of singles, EPs and one full length (so far).

A writhing mass of acerbic grinding fury. It was early 2021 when they dropped their debut album, Interstice – but time loses all meaning and the days and years tick on at speed in the Knoll-sphere. Just three years after their first full length, they’ll release their third, As Spoken. Those who saw them on their recent European debut run will have glimpsed first hand what a mighty force they are.

Lintworm brings a morbid mix of powerviolence, noise and the most rancid metal. Rabid vocals and a painful dose of bloodthirsty feedback eat their way through your guts. Don't expect any attempt of nuance, this parasite quickly infects everything and everyone!

Review Dertig jaar Music City @ Trix part 2 - Woof!

Vorige zaterdag kwam de hele Antwerpse underground-scene samen in Trix om het dertigjarig bestaan van Antwerp Music City te vieren. Het werd een dag vol met hoogtepunten, veel pintjes en nog meer vrienden! En wie dacht dat de middag al een feestje was, ging nog voor een grote verassing komen te staan. 


Denial Of Live(US), Negative Frame(UK) + 1 more TBA-Antwerp Music City

maandag, 4 maart, 2024

Event: Denial Of Life(US)+Negative Frame(UK)+ 1 more TBA


Headliner(s): Denial Of Life

Voorprogramma: Negative Frame+ 1 more TBA


Prijs: vvk: 12,00 EUR 

Locatie (zaal): Antwerp Music City

Adres: 29 Handelstraat, 2060 Antwerpen

Meer info: Mendville Shows presents

Denial of Life is a Tacoma based crossover band that blends elements of 80’s thrash and heavy metal with a punishing and relentless harcore approach. Formed in late 2019, the bandhas been on a warpath since its inception – bringing a ferocious intensity to their live shows. After their widely successful 2022 LP ‘No Reason’ and a relentless touring schedule, Denial of Life has secured their spot as one of the most unique and exciting bands today.
After an extremely active 3 year period, Denial of Life has won acclaim with their 80’s crossover and heavy metal style, redefining how the hardcore genre can look and sound. After their first successful LP ‘No Reason’, the band now sets their sights on new releases and music – evolving an already tight and nuanced sonic structure. The future looks bright for an already acclaimed young band.

Fuming out of the big smoke. Negative Frame’s explosive energy’s traversed through live fire breathing, hard hitting bounce riffs, visceral breakdowns and fast, emotional thrash. Formed
through skating, graffiti and hunger for rock n roll. After launching their debut EP at a show with legends Discharge in 2018, the band booked several DIY tours, headline shows and radio interviews as teenagers, through their huge passion for all things heavy.


Faim (US) + No Man (US) +OUST (NL)

woensdag, 19 juli, 2023

Event: Faim (US)+No Man (US) + OUST (NL) Headliner(s): Faim (US)Voorprogramma: No Man (US) , OUST (NL)Website: vvk: 12,00 EUR Locatie (zaal): Antwerp Music CityAdres: Handelsstraat 29 - AntwerpMeer info: FAIM (US)One last European tour. First & last show on Belgian soil ever. One last release. The soundtrack to jumping your local nazi. political hardcore / punk from Denver, Colorado. For Denver’s FAIM, hardcore is the spark that lights the way to bigger things in this life - personal catharsis, critique and political engagement. To that end, FAIM seeks to bring those ideas to the forefront of their music with lyrical content focusing on political apathy, abusers with the hardcore scene, class anxiety, and the ever-present daily injustice. Their brand of fast, aggressive hardcore is a vessel for hope and change set against the background of youthful angst. Since starting in late 2016, FAIM has worked tirelessly to dig itself into the Denver hardcore scene and beyond - touring the west coast twice, the east coast, the midwest, Canada, and Europe.NØ MAN (US)The band formed in 2017, shortly after Majority Rule reunited to play a benefit tour with longtime friends PG.99Upon returning from those shows, the band swiftly wrote, recorded and released “Devils Cast Long Shadows” in 2018 as an outlet to continue creating new music together. Since then, they’ve the opportunity to tour with great bands such as Darkest Hour, Portrayal Of Guilt, The Hirs Collective, … In their follow up record “Erase”, the band solidified their sound. Blending mean chaotic punk that occasionally comes up for air with haunting, melodic breaks.OUST (NL)OUST extends the definition of punk a little more than we are familiar with. Those who listened to their S/T on bandcamp, hear the typical d-beat drums combined with the tempo of good hardcore punk, with basslines that, from time to time, sound as dirty and heavy like a sludge band. Add some screaming vocals, songs crossing the 2 minute barrier. Oust actually isn’t as complex as you might think.