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Any Given Day Limitless Tour 2024 - Kavka Zappa

dinsdag, 6 februari, 2024

Event: Any Given Day Limitless Tour 2024 - Kavka Zappa


Headliner: Any Given Day

Voorprogramma: Of Virtue


Prijs: vvk: 19,50 EUR 

Locatie (zaal): Zappa

Adres: August Leyweg 6, 2020 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

Any Given Day, one of the most promising and high-energy metalcore bands of our time, is thrilled to announce their long-awaited European tour. The band will be performing on selected stages across Europe in February, delivering their powerful live performance that will captivate their fans. This tour is an absolute must for all metal and core music enthusiasts!
With their unique blend of melodic hooks, heavy riffs, and gripping lyrics, Any Given Day has made a name for themselves in the music scene. Formed in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, in 2012, the band has garnered a loyal following. Their last album, “Overpower,” released in 2019, stormed the charts and received enthusiastic reviews from fans and critics alike.
Any Given Day has had the privilege of performing at some of the most renowned festivals in Europe, overwhelming the audience with their captivating energy. Last year, the band delivered an outstanding show at Wacken Open Air, the world’s largest heavy metal festival. With their high-energy stage presence and powerful songs like “Arise” and “Savior,” Any Given Day had the audience on fire, eliciting ecstatic reactions.
But that wasn’t the only festival appearance by Any Given Day. The band also graced prestigious events such as Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and Download Festival in the UK, where they generated immense enthusiasm with their catchy melodies and impressive performance. The band has proven that they possess an incredible presence not only in the studio but also on stage.
The successfully accomplished festival performances by Any Given Day are a promising glimpse of their upcoming European tour. In the coming months, the band will be performing on selected stages across Europe, providing their fans with an unforgettable show. Every concertgoer can expect a captivating mix of melodic hooks, heavy riffs, and infectious lyrics that push the boundaries of metalcore.
Any Given Day’s European tour includes performances at renowned venues and festivals in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. The band will pour their hearts and souls into their stage presence, delivering an explosive show that will thrill their fans. This tour is the perfect opportunity to witness Any Given Day in action and be part of an unforgettable concert experience.
“We´re so excited to go on this huge European tour and visit our fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech republic. We cannot wait to see you and rock the hell out of it.”

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