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Slope In Freak Dreams Tour 2024-Innocent

zondag, 18 februari, 2024

Event: Slope In Freak Dreams Tour 2024-Innocent Headliner(s): SlopeVoorprogramma: Dagger Threat, Stitched, Total RecallWebsite: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/298307?fbclid=IwAR2hzzt0V0w5r8V21OmcHHPzruRZUqKJGKJ9oFzYeo9UpkhAA4YXnhCk6TYPrijs: vvk: 16,00 EUR Locatie (zaal): InnocentAdres: Deldenerstraat 25, 7551 AA Hengelo, NederlandMeer info: SLOPEHardcore en (skate)punk zijn de twee main ingredients van het geluid van het Duitse Slope maar ze peperen deze in beton gegoten stijlen met de nodige groove en funk. De eigenzinnige sound brengt zo op festivals zoals Hellfest, Wacken en Jera on Air en levert ze een signing bij Century Media Records op. De band onderneemt hun eerste headliner tour door Duitsland maar nemen op 18 februari de afslag naar Hengelo waar ze in Innocent ongetwijfeld warm onthaald zullen worden!https://youtu.be/xCdW9sA9oyU?si=D8vHAhOMlxPDPxESDAGGER THREAT2015. A German collective emerged from the local Hamburg Hardcore and Metal scene created to destroy with a new wave of heavy sounds.The band's ruthless moshpits, opened by heavy downtempo parts, catchy sing-a-longs and headcracking industrial sounding samples, granted a signing to Europe’s Major Underground Label BDHW Records in 2019. Their debut LP “Gestaltzerfall” laid the groundwork in their sound and led to extensive touring and playing shows all over Europe ever since.DT hit the next milestone with their sophomore record “Weltschmerz” in 2022, which was heavily influenced by being trapped in the pandemic. A sinister composition that focuses on the dark side of the world that is occurring to this very day.Their latest EU and UK Tour in May 2023 turned out to be their most successful run so far also in combination with the latest EP release “Unchained” that continues their relentless style of NuMetal infused Hardcore. So far the band played over 150 live sets in 12 different countries and the future plans tell that they won't slow down.https://youtu.be/SSyfTFpICpg?si=mfxALzKSB9Hi5CHeSTITCHEDHorror-punk bandhttps://youtu.be/TtlpbWBP2uU?si=6YmqyLbmLknjLHGaTOTAL RECALLTotal Recall is a band formed by hardcore and metal veterans which are touring since more than 25 years in the scene. The band was formed because of the loss of a mutual friend who played with the band members for 20 and more years in different bands and tours. After his loss the decision was made to come back in the scene putting together a band playing music in his honor.https://youtu.be/TCApBbrFlnY?si=vTGRj4qsWMoyHY4-  

Blind Channel - Kavka Zappa

vrijdag, 5 april, 2024

Event: Blind Channel FIXED EMOTIONS Tour 2024 - Kavka Zappa


Headliner: Blind Channel

Voorprogramma: Ghostkid, Rock Band From Hell

Website: https://kavka.be/event/blind-channel/

Prijs: vvk: 22,50 EUR 

Locatie (zaal): Zappa

Adres: August Leyweg 6, 2020 Antwerpen

Meer info:

MCLX presents

Blind Channel
+ Ghostkid
+ Rock Band From Hell

Review Another Day Dawns - Finding Peach Through All The Noise

Artiest: Another Day Dawns

Album: Finding Peace Through All The Noise

Genre: Rock

Label: Century Media Records

"Another Day Dawns heeft na vier jaar een nieuw album voor ons klaar en dat ligt wat in de lijn van hun vorig werk."