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Photo report Hypocrisy + Septicflesh @ Zappa

Opnieuw een zware avond in Antwerpen. Het daverde dubbel zo hard, want zowel de tourbussen van Hypocrisy, Septicflesh en co, als die van Cradle Of Filth en supports vonden hun weg naar de stad. De ene in Zappa, de andere in Trix. In beide uithoeken zal het dus gedaverd hebben, in elk geval in Zappa liet blies Peter Tägtgren's Hypocrisy alles omver.


Hypocrisy + Septicflesh - Zappa

dinsdag, 4 oktober, 2022

Event: Hypocrisy: Worship European Tour 2022 - Zappa


Headliner: Hypocrisy


Support acts: Septicflesh - The Agonist - Horizon Ignited

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1036028157018524

Prijs: 38,53 EUR

Locatie (zaal): Zappa

Adres: August Leyweg 6, 2020 Antwerpen

Meer info: The HEART OF MUSIC AGENCY & DMC proudly presents @ Kavka Zappa - Antwerp

Swedish death metal executors HYPOCRISY rise up again to sweep across Europe like a storm and leave a trail of pure death metal devastation in 17 countries and 37 cities. The big WORSHIP European Tour 2022 tour will start on September 30 and conclude on November 12.
Hypocrisy has a 30-year history with 12 albums, hundreds of gigs all over the world, and thousands of fans. This influential Swedish death metal band started from the will of one person, and this person’s name was (and is) Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, The Abyss, PAIN, ex-Lindemann). Having made the first demos all by himself, after getting an offer from Nuclear Blast, he invited musicians to form an actual band.

Since then, Hypocrisy gained success with their records and rocking live performances, and evolved musically and conceptually. Heavy and rich sound with catchy melodic riffs, crushing drum fills, obscure lyrics and versatile vocal parts became a signature style of the band. Its discography from debut ‘Penetralia’ to the recent ’Worship’, through such legendary albums as ‘The Fourth Dimension’, ‘Abducted’, and ‘Virus’, is indeed a thrilling metal journey. A journey that continues.

Hypocrisy’s new long-expected album has been released on November 26th in 2022 and by far exceeded all expectations. You can be sure, the live shows of this tour also will.

HYPOCRISY warmly welcomes the Metal Veterans of SepticFlesh (GRC) as their special guest, as well as THE AGONIST (CAN) and Horizon Ignited (FIN) as supports on this outstanding and unique run through Europe.