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Brain Tourniquet + Deliriant Nerve + Traumatiseer - Kavka

donderdag, 11 juli, 2024

Event: Mendville Shows presents Brain Tourniquet(US) + Deliriant Nerve(US) + Traumatiser(NL) - Kavka


Headliner: Brain Tourniquet

Voorprogramma: Deliriant Nerve + Traumatiser


Prijs: vvk: 15,00 EUR + 1,36 EUR fee

Locatie (zaal): Kavka Oudaan

Adres: Oudaan 14 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

Rage fueled powerviolence/hardcore from the “City of Magnificent Distances”. Since their 2018 inception, Brain Tourniquet has payed homage to the classic West Coast Power Violence legends like Man Is The Bastard, Crossed Out and Neanderthal while maintaining their own identity and consistently twisting the conventions of the genre to make something new and urgent and fucking skull crushing. ‘…An Expression In Pain’ takes that forward trajectory 10 steps further and absolutely decimates expectations. This band is truly a light in the darkness.

Absolutely pummeling death metal/grindcore from Washington, DC. Tight riffs, relentless drumming, short songs which end as soon as you start to get a feel for them. My biggest gripe with most straight-up grindcore bands is that they seem to put the pedal to the metal and play endlessly full-speed without anything to differentiate their songs. Thankfully, you don’t get that with DELIRIANT NERVE. They slow things down often enough for a catchy breakdown or a circle-pit part. I believe this to be members of DC grindcore band NEEDLE, as well as ZTUPED who I think are absolutely top-notch. If you’re into this style, this band will not disappoint.

Blistering D-beat with a handful of huge, metallic riffing and a vocalist that eats nails for dessert. There’s a blown-out production that brings to mind Bootlicker’s earlier recordings but where the Lickers line American Hardcore with No Future stomp, Traumatizer goes full tilt into the noize and grips you by the throat. There’s no pogo present, just rage and violence. Toss it on while you take the late-night walk home from the bar. Their debut will be released on Neon Taste Records and these 6 tracks will make a compelling case that those darting eyes and high hackles in the alleyway are the threat you were worried about. Those focused pupils from an animal whose only option is to take as many of you with them as they can. You didn’t even mean any harm, poor you. But here we are, kill or be killed. Prey or predator. No one gets out alive, we just measure blood loss for points.


Long Knife + HETZE + DÖGMËN - JC Bouckenborgh

dinsdag, 28 mei, 2024

Event: Mendville Presents Long Knife + HETZE + DÖGMËN - JC Bouckenborgh


Headliner: Long Knife

Voorprogramma: HETZE + DÖGMËN


Prijs: vvk: 15,00EUR + 1,34 EUR fee

Locatie (zaal): JC Bouckenborgh

Adres: Bredabaan 559

Meer info: 

Rounding themselves in early 80s American hardcore, Long Knife is not afraid to delve into moments that could almost be classified as classic rock. Imagine Kiss playing Poison Idea, with a healthy amount of Japanese hardcore and even some British hardcore thrown in. It’s this unique mix that makes Long Knife one of the best current hardcore acts.

Furious punk violence celebrating the release of their brand new LP Until I Snap.

If Warthog and Gel had a lovebaby, this could possible be it. With ex and current members of bands such as Cere, Cocaine Piss, Mont-Doré.

Negative Approach + Raw Peace - Kavka

maandag, 20 mei, 2024

Event: Mendville Presents: Negative Approach(US) + Raw Peace(BE) + more TBA - Kavka


Headliner: Negative Approach + Raw Peace

Voorprogramma: t.b.a.


Prijs: vvk: 20,00 EUR + 1,48 EUR fee

Locatie (zaal): Kavka Oudaan

Adres: Oudaan 16 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

Negative Approach was born in Detroit, MI. in 1981 with John Brannon on vocals, OP Moore on drums, and Rob & Graham McCulloch playing guitar and bass, respectively. They released one ten song 7 and a full length (both on Touch and Go) before disbanding in 1985. John
Brannon went on to form Laughing Hyenas. Negative Approach’s minimalist (read: 30 second songs) and aggressive brand of punk inspired countless hardcore bands around the globe. Their classic LP, Tied Down, is still in print and considered paramount by most any hardcore abecedarian. The band is now idolized in the Detroit rock underground and the punk subculture, considered to be one of the elite bands of the "old school" era, and continues to be influential. Negative Approach initially broke up in 1985, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically.

The sonic equivalent of a rabid pitbull on a rusty chain in an echoing, dirty back alley. Raw Peace picks at the festering wounds of the human psyche: war, abuse of power, state control, violence, human nature, genocide and paranoia.


KLONNS + Abusive Forms + SORE - JC Bouckenborgh

zondag, 5 mei, 2024

Event: Mendville Presents: KLONNS + Abusive Forms + SORE - JC Bouckenborgh


Headliner: KLONNS

Voorprogramma: Abusive Forms + SORE


Prijs: vvk: 14,00 EUR + 1,34 EUR fee

Locatie (zaal): JC Bouckenborgh

Adres: Bredabaan 559 2170 Merksem

Meer info: 

Mendville presents:

A Japanese hardcore punk band from Tokyo. Formed in 2016. The band advocates 'NEW WAVE OF JAPANESE HARDCORE'. The band released two 7" EP, a split with Granule and a split with Soiled Hate. And their 1st LP will be released as a double name release from Seattle's IRON LUNG RECORDS and Kanagawa's BLACK HOLE in 2024. Klonns are one of the most promising and active bands coming out of Japan now, combining the explosive hardcore sound of the undisputed classics with the kind of raw emotions that make things as shocking and exciting as pissing on an electric fence.

Negative Hardcore / Powerviolence from The Netherlands.

Pissed off powerviolence from Kortrijk.

Prisao + Haemers + Kovaa Rasvaa + Kritiek - Antwerp Music City

woensdag, 1 mei, 2024

Event: Mendville Presents: Prisao(SE) + Haemers(BE) + Kovaa Rasvaa(FIN) + Kritiek(BE) - Antwerp Music City


Headliner: Prisao

Voorprogramma: Haemers + Kovaa Rasvaa + Kritiek


Prijs: vvk: 14,00 EUR (+ 1,34 EUR fee)

Locatie (zaal): Antwerp Music City

Adres: Handelstraat 29 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

MENDVILLE presents:

Mean Stockholm HC/punk sung in brazilian-portuguese.
Prisao will come at you with a stomping, bruising caveman attack. Not that it’s dumb… the riffs and beats are smart but straightforward, the band dragging their knuckles as they march toward their muse. It’s burly and mean, but not tough-guy shit… music made for purging the grinding monotony of the straight world. With members of Vidro and Axe Rash.

Pompkinders & ragmongolen.

Fast raw thrashy hardcore punk from Finland that is uncomplicated, unfettered and completely unpretentious.

New, fed up, fast-paced chain punkband.
Demo out soon. Come early!


Cloakroom - Kavka

maandag, 22 april, 2024

Event: Mendville x Flood Floorshows presents: Cloakroom(US) - Kavka


Headliner: Cloakroom

Voorprogramma: t.b.a.


Prijs: vvk: 15,50 incl. fee EUR 

Locatie (zaal): Kavka Oudaan

Adres: Oudaan 14 Antwerpen

Meer info: 

Birthed right off the Handgun Highway of Northwest Indiana, raised on well water; the band cut their teeth in the closest major city they could find their way to Chicago, Illinois. Cloakroom prove time and time again that you can do what you want whenever you want to. Their sound has been described as post-metal, shoegaze, americana, stoner-rock, slowcore, and folk. They’re not much to look at but they sure write some captivating music. Dissolution Wave, the second LP released by Relapse Records is a space opera following a suicidal space miner who eventually turns it all around and learns to count their blessings. It’s a bumpy road of “space-rock” with a midwestern charm that lamentably a lot of folks have found some catharsis within. Cloakroom is a band that plays loud and travels light. Say what you will, certainly not cowards.


Mendville presents: Shoreline + Heart Attack Man + Spanish Love Songs @ Kavka Oudaan

Spanish Love Songs is een indie-punkband uit Los Angeles, California die heerlijk past binnen het Midwest emo genre wat (gelukkig) in Europa ook steeds populairder wordt. Een raspende stem, geladen met emoties, indie rock riffs, strakke drumpartijen en een repertoire met scherpe teksten, Spanish Love Songs heeft het allemaal. Opvolgend van de release van hun laatste album “No Joy” in herfst van 2023, werd al snel een UK/Europa tour aangekondigd. Na het succesvolle eerste deel van de tour in de UK was het vanavond tijd om de EU tour af te trappen in de Kavka Oudaan, Antwerpen. De pop punk band Heart Attack Man was uit de states meegenomen voor het voorprogramma en voor het Europeese gedeelte van de tour was de Duitse emo punk/hardcore band Shoreline uitgenodigd als aanvullend voorprogramma.