Bekijk nieuwe Van Canto videoclip Falling Down


Van Canto toont hun eerste nieuwe single Falling Down! Het is de eerste track van het nieuwe albim 'To The Power Of Eight' dat we te horen krijgen.

Pre-order het nieuwe album "To The Power Of Eight" (uit op 4 juni) hier:​

In loving memory of Robert "Rob Nowman" Naumann.

Music and Lyrics by Stefan Schmidt: "Falling Down is a Van Canto powerhouse, a composition with powerful vocal riffing, endless harmonies and a dramatic arrangement. The lyrics describe the timeless moment of creativity when you feel a melody entering your brain to then materialize into music.
We put our focus on all the details in the vocal arrangements, tying together Sly's heroic lead voice together with Hagen's rough power and Inga's epic smoothness like an eight-knot. Falling Down combines Van Canto's trademarks and brings them to life by a combination of a rock'n'roll stage environment, on- and off-stage visuals and a lot of Power - of Eight and more, thanks to all the people involved! It is inspired by all work Robert Naumann has done in all previous videos of Van Canto. Robs, we love you and we miss you."

Produced and Recorded 2020/2021 by Van Canto.
Drum Recordings and Drum Premixing by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios.
Mixed by Stefan Schmidt at Exajoule Studios.
Mastered by Jürgen Lusky at HOFA Studios.

Outfit Design by Alexandra Weber at Alextravagant
Make-Up by Anna Meier

Set-Director: Philip Strauß
Camera: Rüdiger Kortz, Florian Krause
1st AC: Sebastian Neubert
Crane Operator: Jo Schmidt

Performance filemd and produced at TDA Rental.
Production by Tommi Quernhorst (TDA) and Jörg Michael (Nine Lives Entertainment)
Lightshow / Programming by Tim Fohrmann.

Editing and Composing by Sebastian Scharf.
Stage Visuals + Visual Effects: Roman Hagenbrock (
Color grading: Clemens Walter

Special thanks to Jan Saueressig and Audio Technica.
Bastian Emig plays Tama Drums and Meinl Cymbals.


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