Beluister nieuw Amaranthe nummer Do Or Die feat. Angela Gossow


Amaranthe is momenteel bezig met hun Europese tournee af te ronden samen met Sabaton en Apocalyptica, maar dat weerhoudt er hen niet van een nieuw nummer uit te brengen. Do Or Die heet de nieuwe song, dat de ruigere kant van Amaranthe toont. Dat is niet alles, ex-Arch Enemy Angela Gossow heeft bijgedragen tot het nummer. Bekijk de videoclip ervan die is opgenomen in Spanje, met creaties van Fardou Keuning's (

Angela Gossow aan het woord: "It was thrilling to join AMARANTHE for a more extreme track and shooting a cutting edge video for it! This is no cozy studio performance, but real ice cold winds, sewages, cadavers and pouring rain - the reality we live in, the devastating legacy we leave to our future generations. Time to wake up, turn - and bang - some heads! Watch out for these guys and killer lady, they are going to crush you this year with a new album and some heavy touring!!!"

Gitarist Olof Mörck alsnog: "While AMARANTHE's music is often uplifting, energetic and positive, sooner or later everyone needs to deal with the obvious fact that the world is literally crumbling around us - and it is crumbling fast, thanks to the short sighted abuse of our common Mother Earth! We talked to legendary Angela Gossow of ARCH ENEMY fame to do an entire package of a video and a song, outside of any normal album cycle, and let our different perspectives on metal collide in a massive explosion; and it resulted in Do or Die! Together with Overbeck Media who shot the video, we delivered something really quite special, and Angela brings in a fresh strength to the trademark AMARANTHE sound that is sure to resound all across the metal world! Death and Fire!!!"



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