Dirty Heads covert Buffalo Springfield


Dirty Heads maakte een cover van Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth, een song populair bij de protesten in 1960 en ook vandaag heel relevant in Amerika. 

"Just Listen to the song and the lyrics and how fitting it is for the times", zegt zanger Jared Watson.  Stephen Stills voegt toe: "As the lyrics tumbled out, I quickly realized that my little song spoke to much more than simply a confrontation between a gathering of young people paying a last visit to a favorite music bar about to be demolished and a rather excessive number of LAPD riot police intent on dispersing the overflow crowd that had spilled into the street.  I purposefully resisted the urge to rewrite or expand upon my theme and let the metaphors speak for themselves. Fortunately, succeeding generations have found something in it that touches them personally or alludes to their own sense of foreboding during tumultuous times".



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