Eerste single van nieuw Evil Invaders album


Evil Invaders is terug en ze zijn klaar om hun derde album te lanceren! Op 1 april (nee, geen aprilgrap) wordt dat een feit, dan komt Shattering Reflection uit bij Napalm Records.

Het is bijna vijf jaar geleden dat de band een nieuw album uitbracht. De band zat niet stil en heeft met Shattering Reflection hun sound verder geëvolueerd. En dat hoor je goed met de eerste single In Deepest Black. Ze treden uit hun comfortzone van thrashy speed metal en laten een song horen die recht uit de classic '80s zou kunnen komen. 

Zanger/gitarist Joe over de single: "In Deepest Black is definitely one of the best songs we've written so far. Despite the fact that it's something completely different from what we've done in the past, it feels very natural to play this song. I've always wanted to release some kind of "heavy Evil Invaders ballad" and I think we finally nailed it with this one!"

Verdergaand over het album: "I'm very satisfied with what we achieved on Shattering Reflection. We've created a very versatile and surprising album. Because it had been so long since we've released anything new, we had a lot of demo material to choose from and I think that's what made this record so interesting. We had the time to experiment with the songwriting, arrangements and vocal lines. Also the collaboration with Francesco Paoli as a producer was really cool. We managed to truly give the songs a unique vibe.

It feels like we're at the start of a new chapter for the band and I'm excited to hear people's reactions to the new stuff! It was a long and heavy process but it was totally worth it!"

Shattering Reflection tracklist:

1. Hissing In Crescendo

2. Die For Me

3. In Deepest Black

4. Sledgehammer Justice

5. Forgotten Memories

6. Realm of Shadows

7. Eternal Darkness

8. My World

9. Aeon

10. The Circle





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