Eerste Soilwork single van nieuwe EP A Whisp Of The Atlantic


Op 4 december brengt Soilwork hun nieuwe EP A Whisp Of The Atlantic uit. De eerste single daarvan die de band toont met een videoclip is The Nothingness And The Devil die je hier kan bekijken.

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Gitarist David Andersson:"Between the Nothingness and the Devil is a song about how the old concept of a patriarchal God doesn't work anymore, and how everyone with any logic reasoning must accept that we have to create our own deities, if we need them. Or if we don't, we'll have to accept the fact that our lives are essentially meaningless unless we are able to find our meaning and make ourselves feel fulfilled. The video also hints at the emasculation of a male god, and how gender shouldn't be a factor in any form of religious discourse anymore. Perhaps this is the time to question your beliefs and accept that no God will correct the mess that we all have put ourselves into."

We geven nog de tracklist mee:

1. A Whisp Of The Atlantic
2. Feverish
3. Desperado
4. Death Diviner
5. The Nothingness And The Devil



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