Final Stair videoclip vanuit repetitiekamer


In deze tijden van corona is er niet veel live te beleven. Final Stair nam daarom een nummer op vanuit de repetitiekamer. Ze geven ook een grote boodschap over hoe het virus de muziekindustrie ook raakt.

Istvan Vörös (FINLA STAIR):
"The Coronavirus and the resulting measures are keeping the whole world in suspense. Everything was completely decelerated or brought to a standstill within a week. Nobody expected anything like that. It came out of nowhere. We didn't have a chance to prepare for it in any way.

Within a moment it hit the music industry in particular. Before the pandemic, as an artist, you had at least a certain degree of planning certainty. You played your scheduled concerts or could fill in for other artists. Now, we must expect all events to be off the table until autumn this year. Provided, of course, that we can get the crisis under control and return to our normal life until then. In addition to artists, the current situation also affects clubs, sound and lighting technicians, and the many jobs that depend on the music and live industries. Behind everything are people and their livelihoods are on the line. You don't have to be a clairvoyant to realize that the situation is an absolute disaster for artists.

However, Final Stair does not stand for end-time sentiment. As a band, we take on the challenge and look for new ways to reach our fans and offer people some joy through our music in these dark times. We are driven to create something positive out of this humble situation. The unexpected deceleration demands and encourages our creativity. As a band, we use this time to explore new music. When I see empty streets in an otherwise pulsating metropolis like Berlin, our perspective on the world and things changes.

At the same time, I appeal to all music lovers, fans and temporarily home detainees: listen to your favorite bands and favorite artists on the streaming platforms! That is exactly how you can support artists in this difficult and uncertain time. Have fun and enjoy the music. At the same time, you create value for the artists. Simply by listening you are giving a thank you to all those who are currently keeping the game running and you make sure that art will still exist after the crisis.

We believe that music is very important right now. It is needed here and now, maybe even more than ever! Because it helps us all to build a bridge over an undefined valley. Music is a wonderful escape from this hideous quarantine.

Let's get through this situation together. With this in mind, we will stream a concert for you on Friday from our rehearsal room. And best of all: you don't need a ticket. See you on Friday on our cozy living room stage!"



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