Nieuwe single van Eyehategod


Eyehategod laat hun eerste single High Risk Trigger van het nieuwe album A History of Nomadic Behavior, hun eerste album sinds zeven jaar! Het album zal twaalf nummers bevatten en komt op 12 maart uit bij Century Media Records.

Zanger Mike IX Williams: “We’re not a political band, but it was hard not to be affected by the news from the past year. During this recording, I thought a lot about how stupid humanity has become and how America is now completely divided with these people who don’t believe in science and blindly follow liars and nonsensical ideologies. Some of those feelings may have found their way into these songs, but it is mostly subliminal.”

De tracklist:

  1. Built Beneath the Lies
  2. The Outer Banks
  3. Fake What’s Yours
  4. Three Black Eyes
  5. Current Situation
  6. High Risk Trigger
  7. Anemic Robotic
  8. The Day Felt Wrong
  9. The Trial of Johnny Cancer
  10. Smoker’s Place
  11. Circle of Nerves
  12. Every Thing, Every Day

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