Nieuwe Warbringer videoclip Glorious End


Thrash metalband Warbringer maakte een videoclip voor het nummer Glorious End dat op het nieuwe album Weapons Of Tomorrow zal staan, dat uikomt op 24 april bij platenlabel Napalm Records. 

Zanger John Kevill zegt er het volgende over:

"'Glorious End' is the grand finale of Weapons of Tomorrow, and a first-person narrative war epic. The verse is done as a father-son dialogue, in which the son promises the father that he will live up to his ancestor's legacy of courage, honor, and duty. The song and title have a cruel twist of irony, as the protagonist's bravery is rendered useless by the horrific new weapons of his time, and he questions the virtues of his father as he dies.

This kind of narrative storytelling element is something we feel is pretty unique to WARBRINGER among thrash metal bands. The music is hard-charging and aggressive, but also somber, grandiose, and well, glorious. The epic side of WARBRINGER is something we haven't shared in a single yet, and we thought it was long overdue. Now onwards, brave sons."