Out Of This World - In A Million Years videoclip


De hardrock groep Out Of This World heeft onlangs hun debuutalbum 'Out Of This World' uitgebracht bij het nieuwe label Atomic Fire Records. Ze tonen een videoclip voor het nummer In A Million Years.

Het persbericht is als volgt:

Melodic hard rock supergroup OUT OF THIS WORLD featuring legendary names such as Kee Marcello (EUROPE), Tommy Heart (FAIR WARNING), Ken Sandin (ALIEN) and Darby Todd (DEVIN TOWNSEND, GARY MOORE, THE DARKNESS), have entered the earthly realms and their self-titled debut album is released today, including three bonus tracks as well as a seven-track bonus live album!

»Out Of This World« is a dream come true for everybody out there who is mourning the loss of quality melodic hard rock since forever and with the new single 'In A Million Years', the band unveils another appetizer. This hugely epic song was originally written by Kee Marcello for EUROPE's »Prisoners In Paradise« and spent the past 30 years in his drawer. "But with this voice, it was just perfect", the OUT OF THIS WORLD frontman raves about his vocal force Tommy Heart. "To me, it's one of the highlights of the album." There is a right time for everything.

Get your copy in various formats (2CD-digipak, blue 2LP) or stream/download the album via this link: https://music.atomicfire-records.com/outofthisworld.

In case you missed the previous single, 'Hanging On', watch the lyric video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvBWADXINUg

Out Of This World tracklisting:
01. Twilight
02. Hanging On
03. In A Million Years
04. Lighting Up My Dark
05. Staring At The Sun
06. The Warrior
07. Up To You
08. Ain't Gonna Let You Go
09. Only You Can Teach Me How To Love Again
10. Not Tonight

Bonus Tracks:
11. Twilight (Demo Version)
12. In A Million Years (Demo Version)
13. Lighting Up My Dark (Demo Version)

Bonus live CD/LP:
01. Let The Good Times Rock
02. Burning Heart
03. Save Me
04. Open Your Heart
05. Momentum (Instrumental)
06. Superstitious
07. Ready Or Not


Tommy Heart | vocals
Kee Marcello | guitars, keyboards
Ken Sandin | bass
Darby Todd | drums



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