PAIN kondigt nieuw album I Am aan met single


PAIN's negende studioalbum I Am komt op 17 mei uit bij Nuclear Blast, maar liefst acht jaar na het vorige album Coming Home. Om dat aan te kondigen releaset Peter Tägtgren z'n nieuwste single Go With The Flow, in samenwerking met Peter Stormare, die ook al een (muzikale) gastrol speelde samen met hem in hun tijd bij Lindemann. 

Peter Tägtgren over de nieuwe single: "Go with the flow takes me back to 80's synth pop. Writing in more of that direction was an idea that I had for a while, so I started taking out analog synths and going crazy, and of course I needed to come back to a catchy Pain chorus. The hardest part was to write lyrics to the song, and to figure out what style to use to sing... the lyrics are about me always being negative and needing to let things go when things don't go as planned and to brush it off and move on."

De tracklist van I Am is als volgt:

  1. I Just Dropped By (to say goodbye)
  2. Don't Wake The Dead
  3. Go With The Flow
  4. Not For Sale
  5. Party In My Head
  6. I Am
  7. Push The Pusher
  8. The New Norm
  9. Revolution
  10. My Angel
  11. Fair Game