Serve komt met nieuwe videoclip naar aanleiding van hun debuutalbum


Serve brengt na hun succesvolle EP 'Live Is Not Lived, It Is Suffered Through' komen onze noorderburen met hun debut album genaamd 'The Light Outlives The Sun' dat uitkomt op 18 april.

Naar aanleiding van het nieuwe album komt Serve met een videoclip voor de nieuwe track Swarm.

Serve had het volgende te vertellen over het nieuwe album:

"Writing started the second we finished recording the last song of our first EP and we feel these songs are not only a continuation of the bedrock we laid before but encapsulate a growth spurt. Where 'Life Isn't Lived, It Is Suffered Through' was an erratic collection, this new ten song monstrosity is meticulous and demanding. We set our eyes on writing fully fledged songs that pushed us technically whilst keeping the lyrics earnest, telling a story that truly matters to us. It was confronting, cathartic and grueling work, trying to write online when the world seemed to stop turning. 'The Light Outlives The Sun' is a work of hope, desperation, acceptance and love.
We hope you'll enjoy, support and join us on our next steps deeper into the wound."


1. Bleed Through Me
2. Coward
3. Enabler ft. Alma Alizadeh (For I Am King)
4. Extinction
5. Old Habits
6. Dysthymia
7. Spit Image
8. Dark
9. Swarm
10. Oblivion